Data skills for work


Data Skills for Work

Diversifying the workforce in Edinburgh and South East Scotland by helping adults to upskill and reskill with data to progress in their careers

Upskilling and reskilling for a data driven world

The Data Skills for Work programme aims to empower people across Lothian, Fife, and the Scottish Borders with skills to take advantage of the world of work shaped by data-driven innovation, training them for changing roles and preparing them for the jobs of the future. Our ambition is to enhance the local labour market with a range of data skills – including widening opportunities for workers in jobs that are being changed by automation, women returners, people with disabilities, and BAME communities.

What will the Data Skills for Work programme do?

The programme will act as a gateway for individuals and businesses seeking training in data analytics, data science, and other data-related activities, signposting to relevant courses provided by local colleges, universities, and other online and face to face training and education providers.

We will do this through:

Data Skills Portal:
Up-to-date information on data employment, data career pathways, data occupations, existing and emerging data skills, as well as relevant education and training programmes for data.

Data Skills Credits:
Funding for at-risk and low paid employees in roles that are being changed by automation, and those returning to work, to upskill and reskill.

Data Adoption
: Leadership training and ongoing support from The Data Lab for the adoption of Data-Driven Innovation and planning for a data-literate workforce.


Who is the Data Skills for Work programme for?

If you are:
An individual – looking for opportunities to up-skill or retrain
An employer – planning to grow your internal data capability
A training provider – interested in offering data skills courses

And are living, working or trading in Edinburgh, the Lothians, Fife or the Scottish Borders, this programme is for you.

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The Data Skills for Work programme is led by The Data Lab.
The programme is part of the Data Driven Innovation (DDI) Skills Gateway, which is led by the University of Edinburgh and funded (via the Edinburgh & South East Scotland City Region Deal) by the Scottish Government



To find out more and get in touch, please visit the Data Skills for Work website:
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