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Futureproof Your Career With Data Skills Credits

Data Skills Credits – How to Future-Proof Your Career

The world of work in 2021 would be unfathomable to someone twenty, ten, or even five years ago. Technology is advancing at an unparalleled pace, which means companies’ priorities are changing just as quickly. One thing stays constant, however – that companies are becoming more and dependent on, savvy to, and interested in data. To make sure you’re always at the cutting edge of your field it’s important to keep your skillset up to date with the kind of data skills employers are looking for, but that can be an expensive process.

Data Skills Credits

In partnership with the Edinburgh & South East Scotland City Region Deal, The Data Lab’s Data Skills for Work Team are administering Data Skills Credits – funding of £250 – £1000 towards the costs of data-related training to help you ensure you have the tools, skills and confidence to work efficiently with data, whether understanding it, analysing it or presenting it. If you’re working in Edinburgh, the Lothians, Fife, or the Scottish Borders, under or unemployed, or in a role that is being changed by automation you can apply for these grants to help pay for courses that will upskill your data skillset. From data literacy to ethics, AI to coding, or analytics to databases, there are numerous courses available that will be invaluable to your career progression and stability. You can read the full eligibility criteria and list of course on our website.

The Data Skills for Work programme aims to empower people across Lothian, Fife, and the Scottish Borders with skills to take advantage of the world of work shaped by data-driven innovation, training them for changing roles and preparing them for the jobs of the future. Our ambition is to enhance the local labour market with a range of data skills – including widening opportunities for workers in jobs that are being changed by automation, women returners, people with disabilities, and BAME communities.

If you would like to learn more about Data Skills for Work, the Data Skills Credits, or what funding is available for employers, please visit our website or contact us.

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