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Introducing ‘Alteryx’ as a platform for Data Science

What is Alteryx, and why should I care? This guest blog entry was inspired by Richard’s recent post in which he observed that “it is always important to keep an eye on the tools we use as data scientists and forever be on the lookout for new and better ways of doing things.” Just as Python is

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Running R remotely: some options and tips

Why would you need to do this? Say, for instance, you are dealing with sensitive data that should not leave a specific system, or quite simply that you are away on a work retreat – but your laptop is far less powerful than your work desktop computer which you left behind – so you want

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A Simple Search Application for the Edinburgh Fringe

Motivation In 2017, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe was host to 3,398 shows selling over 2.5 million tickets, numbers that are increasing year on year. With this abundance of shows it can be difficult to find something that one wants to see. I describe here how I used data to create an application that will find

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Analysis of Gaelic Station Names: An exploration of inter-language similarity measures for place-names and the design of rural scores.

Motivation Most of modern Scotland was once Gaelic-speaking and a policy change in 2010 means Gaelic names appear alongside English names on almost all station signs across Scotland’s railway. I live in Glasgow and often travel out into the highlands and over time I hypothesised: H1: The Gaelic and English names of a station become more similar

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