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Can we completely automate forecasting for industry?

Guest blog by Nick Finch, CTO at DataPA Ltd We’re delighted to be able to bring you a technical blog from another of our speakers who would have been speaking at DataTech20 back in March.   To do any sort of business planning, you need forecasting. Our reason for existing is to help our customers

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Digital security and how not to do it

Guest blog by Colin Gillespie, Data Scientist at Jumping Rivers Colin was due to speak at DataTech20, which was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19. We’re delighted that he has put together this brilliant blog on digital security for us. How not to do security Digital security is everywhere. Unfortunately, bad digital security is also everywhere. Take

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Understanding Customer Behaviour Using Uplift Modelling

Guest technical blog by Garry McFarlane, Senior Analyst and Dr. Paul van Loon, Head of Analytics, both at Forecast. Garry and Paul were scheduled to speak at DataTech20, and have kindly presented us with this blog instead. Enjoy.   What is uplift modelling? Targeted marketing is so commonplace, nearly synonymous to online marketing, that consumers

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