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A Brief Profiling of Data Professions

Do you recall how many times you’ve read articles titled “This is what a Data Scientist does” or “Differences between a Data Scientist and a Data Analyst”? Such articles usually come with various colourful (and sometimes funnily shaped) Venn diagrams, arbitrarily presenting the overlap of the various data professions and highlighting the distribution of different

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An R-based App for Exploring Traffic Accidents in Scotland

Recently I discovered that the UK government collects detailed information about traffic accidents across the country that are being reported to the police. What’s even more interesting is that all these data are being uploaded and made publicly available on the government’s open data website. This dataset, being so rich, immediately caught my attention. I

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LA maps of crime: Using R to map criminal activity in LA since 2010

I’ve recently come across — a huge resource for open data. At the time of writing, there are close to 17,000 freely available datasets stored there, including this one offered by the LAPD. Interestingly, this dataset includes almost 1.6M records of criminal activity occurring in LA since 2010 — all of them described according to a variety of measures (you can

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