The TORCH Business Advisory Service was designed to support businesses that were already leveraging their data, but wanted to take those next transformational steps. The Data Lab experts and specialist supplier organisations turned strategies into practical actions, using the methods and technologies most suited to their needs.

TORCH Summary

Launched in 2020, The Data Lab’s TORCH service was designed to help organisations transform their goals with data into a reality, helping them understand the outcome they wanted to achieve and building the roadmap to do so.

This was achieved by considering 4 key domains: People, Process, Data, and Technology and understanding the relationships between them. 

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Working as an unbiased friend, the small TORCH team provided oversight as businesses went further on their data journeys, minimising the risk of failure and making introductions to trusted data and technology companies within their Scotland-based Supplier Network.

The TORCH Supplier Network consisted of 66 specialist data technology suppliers from across the Scottish ecosystem. For each project, the TORCH team always recommended multiple suppliers when supporting clients, and those made aligned with client needs and constraints.

Over 2+ years TORCH proved to be a great success, delivering many success stories across multiple industries, regions, and organisations.
The service was funded by Scottish Enterprise

Some of TORCH’s Key stats:

  • 39 projects over 31 industries and 11 local authorities
  • 75% of qualified prospects were 1st time engagements with The Data Lab
  • 133 introductions to Scottish-based supplier businesses
  • £600k of public and private sector funding secured for TORCH clients

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TORCH client feedback

“Introductions have been priceless. The unbiased hand-holding has been really important for us.”

“The team have been very patient with me. Just knowing I have people I could throw a question at was such a relief. The patience and the support has been enormous, especially for us being a start-up.”

“We got a feeling the whole way through that Rhona really understood what we were trying to do, and she seemed really excited about it as well. That really makes a difference. We’d be 6 months behind where we are without the knowledge, connections, and experience she brought to the
table … it was about getting us to focus on what we wanted, and then assisting us in making the right decisions.”

“Rather than being sold on one solution from a specific vendor, Iain’s impartial view allowed the pros and cons of different options to be discussed openly.”

“The sessions were done remotely, which was a great flexible option. The initial discussions were focused and controlled, targeted the right areas, and allowed for more specific follow up sessions. We felt like we were getting maximum value from the time invested in the engagement; one of the highlights of this process was that we only spent around 20 people hours in total.”