Scottish Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Guide


Scottish Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Guide

This guide provides information on some of the organisations you will find in Scotland that can help your company’s growth and investment.

Scotland is home of one of the most ambitious entrepreneurial ecosystems on the planet.

Scotland has an ambition of building a world-leading entrepreneurial nation, a place where sustainable growth and innovation deliver benefits to all of society. Scotland has a fantastically supportive ecosystem in which public, private and third sector organisations are united around this shared vision and collaborate to provide spin outs, start ups and scale ups with world class support.

Scotland supports both home grown talent and international talent attracted here by the opportunities and quality of life in this beautiful country and well connected ecosystem. We stimulate a culture of innovation and a growth mindset amongst the diverse mix of  entrepreneurs in Scotland to be the best that they can be.

This guide is a snapshot of some of the organisations you will find here, and will be updated regularly as the ecosystem continues to grow and Scotland is ever evolving. There is also UK wide and sector specific support available.