Building a Data Team


The Data Lab Guide To Data Teams

This guide provides our best advice for creating a new data capability that’s well-placed to deliver value for your organisation.

We can help you grow your internal data capability through our own experience and the learnings of other organisations in our network.

Building internal data capability can present an organisation with some unique challenges. Technology is a fast-paced and constantly changing space which can be outside the comfort zone of senior leaders. It can be difficult to understand how to navigate this space: how to recruit the right person for the right task, what to expect from your first hire, how to develop a pipeline of projects that build value.

In The Data Lab’s Guide to Data Teams, we gather key ideas, terminologies, approaches and case studies that can support your organisation in establishing its own data capability. If you have plenty of data but you’re not sure how to make it work for you, this could be the first step on a journey to your data-powered future.