Data Science Placement Programme


We’ll help you further harness the power of data by growing your data team

Inject some data science creativity into your organisation through The Data Lab MSc Industrial Placement Programme

An opportunity for Scottish businesses

At The Data Lab we’ll help you discover the opportunities that nurturing data and AI talent present. We’ll connect you to the right MSc student who’ll work with you on your data science project to put into practice their state of the art data science technologies, creativity and enthusiasm to increase resource in your data team. 

It’s an opportunity to develop proof of concept, undertake process improvement or other short projects that you would like to explore to develop your knowledge and expertise and build the confidence you need to grow your business, increase your productivity and win in an increasingly competitive world.

We believe our students can help your data team, with many staying on with the host organisation after the placement has ended.

We are delighted with both our placements who have delivered significant cutting edge data science solutions for us.

Duncan Hart, Deepminer

Why host an MSc student placement?

  • Increase resource in data team
  • Nurture your own data talent
  • Undertake short term projects such as proof of concept or process improvement
  • Inject state of the art data science technologies, creativity and enthusiasm into your organisation
  • Tap into a talent pool of 75 MSc students studying a range of AI, data science and data engineering courses
  • All students are individually profiled and hand matched to your organisation’s project
  • Get support from our dedicated Placement Team throughout the project


To find out more about our MSc placements, please get in touch.

The calibre of students we’ve worked with in The Data Lab MSc programme has been fantastic, and I wouldn’t hesitate to offer any of them a full-time position after graduation. More organisations, especially engineering firms, should consider working with students. 

In all my years of working with them, I’ve never had an experience where they failed to bring in new ideas or perspectives that ultimately contributed to the bottom line of the organisation. It’s not a huge overhead – just a day here or there, or a few hours each week – but the payback is invaluable.

Robert Nicol, Technology Development Manager, STMicroelectronics

Data Science placement programme: Increase your productivity, nurture your own data talent and receive support

As a major high street bank which is trusted by millions of customers, gaining value from our data is crucial to helping us improve operations. But working with data can be messy, and you need perseverance and talent to achieve results. Since we partnered with The Data Lab, the calibre and attitude of students we have taken on has been exceptional. I’d recommend any business that is committed to using data to unlock insights and value across its organisation to get in touch and see how The Data Lab can help.

Greig Cowan, Head of Data Science for Data Innovation, NatWest Group