Support to innovate


Support to innovate

In today’s digital world, every organisation generates and gathers data. This means that every organisation has the potential to innovate with data, regardless of size or sector.

It is estimated that the value to Scotland from this data boom could be as much as £20bn.

We believe that collaboration is the most effective way to break new ground using data science.

Applying data science to solve real-world business or social problems can be a challenge. Organisations don’t always have the cutting-edge skills and in-depth expertise needed to make the most of this opportunity.

That’s why we help organisations to access the academic or specialist expertise and project support they need to build effective partnerships and innovate successfully with data.

We support to innovate by:


Using our network to match your business or organisation with the right academic or specialist partners, facilitating one-to-one partnerships as well as multi-party collaborations.


Providing expertise, guidance and support to help you scope and manage your project, wherever you are in your data journey.


Funding academic or institution costs related to industry-academia collaborations or helping you access external sources of funding.

Data Lab students

Industry -academia innovation projects

projects supported
£ 1 m
revenue increase
new jobs

TORCH for businesses

The TORCH Business Advisory Service is designed to support businesses that are already leveraging their data, but want to take those next transformational steps.

SME support

We are actively engaging with SME businesses across Scotland to help them find the optimum path to success with data.

collaborate with data science specialists

We can help you find collaboration partners and apply for funding.

funding postgraduate research

Do you have an idea for research but need someone with the right skills?

transformational projects

We partner with other organisations to deliver large-scale transformational projects that can help you apply data science and AI for good.

Resources hub

Find resources, guides and unbiased information on a range of data science topics