The Data Lab MSc – Innovation Week


The Data Lab MSc - Innovation Week

Our overall aim is for our students to feel a sense that they are part of a wider, supportive data science community in Scotland and to enable them to meet and collaborate with their cohort through a series of workshops and training designed to boost their employability.

Innovation Week is our flagship event where students get to apply the data science and AI skills they have developed during their studies to real world problems and data sets, whilst exploring design thinking.

The event brings together all of our students across all of our sponsored MSc courses at Universities throughout Scotland, studying more than 20 different data science and AI MSc courses.

The last two years have seen a change from the traditional residential event to online events, due to Covid. However, we successfully rose to the challenge and achieved something unique by delivering it entirely online. 

Blogs & videos from Innovation Week 2021

Steven Drost, CSO of Code Base, keynote talk “The Different Lives of Employee No. 7 and Employee No. 4,235,624 – Founding or joining early stage companies”.
Craig Patterson, The Data Lab, presents a fascinating workshop titled: “What to consider when using data to create value through innovative products and services: Be Creative, Be Innovative, Be Pragmatic, Do Good”
Brian Hills, Deputy CEO and Head of Data, The Data Lab, heads a Panel with: Rafie Faruq,; Chris Neumann, Founder and CEO of Commonwealth Ventures;Imagination to reality, and everything in between: start-up journeys

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