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Roger Halliday, Chief Statistician of Scottish Government and Interim CEO of Research Data Scotland

This episode requires a brief introduction. As Brian will mention in the intro it was recorded pre-COVID-19 and some of the issues discussed have had changes to them to match the current needs. 

Roger Halliday started as Chief Statistician of the Scottish Government in November 2011. Before that, he worked in the Department of Health in England as a policy analyst managing evidence for decision making across NHS issues. He has now also taken on the role of interim CEO of Research Data Scotland.

He qualified with a degree in statistics in 1993 from St. Andrews University and joined the Department of Social Security (as was) as an assistant statistician. He worked for spells at the Department of Health in England and in a number of statistical and policy making roles at the Scottish Government before leaving in 2005. His areas of expertise are around children, learning, skills and the economy, as well as in health.

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