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Cancer Innovation Challenge – Episode 3/4 – PX Healthcare

The Cancer Innovation Challenge is a £1M project funded by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) to encourage Innovation Centres in Scotland to work in partnership to help Scotland become a world leading carer for people with cancer through open innovation funding calls for data science solutions.

We have decided to run a series of episodes on the Cancer Innovation Challenge focusing on what it is, who’s involved and the results from it.

This episodes guest is Anne Bruinvels, Founder of PX Healthcare. PX Healthcare were one of 3 companies involved in the Cancer Innovation Challenge. The other two will be featured in the following two episodes. Their mission is to revolutionize the use of the patient’s voice to improve both patient experience and clinical outcomes in cancer. Px has developed a digital health platform that combines Patient-Experience with Advanced Data-Analytics to improve clinical outcomes in oncology.

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