The Data Lab podcasts

A series of conversations with some of the top members of the data science community.

Roger Halliday and Gordon Johnstone

What Does a Statistician Do? With Roger Halliday, Chief Statistician at The Scottish Government

In this episode we speak to Roger Halliday, Chief Statistician at the Scottish Government, about the role of statisticians in the modern world; from informing policy makers to documenting our ever-changing world. Click here for more information on the Scottish Government’s statistics vacancies:  Get your Data Talent tickets here:

The Data Lab podcast - Dr Ellen Friedman and Dr Joanna McKenzie

Joanna McKenzie and Ellen Friedman in Conversation

Joanna McKenzie – Principle Data Scientist at The Data Lab – talks to Ellen Friedman about their journeys through the world of data and what being a data scientist means today. Ellen Friedman, Principal Technologist for HPE Ezmeral at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, is an international speaker, author and scientist, with a doctorate in biochemistry from