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Traveltech for Scotland launches new Traveltech Directory

Last week, Traveltech for Scotland launched their new Traveltech Directory!

The term ‘unprecedented times’ could not be more prevalent than for those in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Whilst many organisation begin to settle into the changes that Covid demanded, the future for tourism is still fearfully uncertain. With Scottish tier rules and expectations changing on a regular basis, Scotland’s Tourism sector needed a tool to help businesses develop their digital capabilities.

In June 2020, Traveltech for Scotland teamed up with a small group of experienced tourism leaders to launch the Scottish Tourism Toolkit. Hosted by Visit Scotland, the project aimed to help visitor attractions and experiences across the country react and implement solutions to the new virtual world.

Following the success of The Scottish Tourism Toolkit, the team set to work on developing a follow-up digital directory – highlighting how technologies such as online ticketing, smartphone apps and social distancing solutions can help Scottish tourism businesses adapt and diversify following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The interactive Traveltech Directory provides users with access to over 100 Traveltech businesses, alongside 30 relatable business case studies. It intends to inspire new ideas and solutions, providing organisations with each-to-implement tech responses to the changes of 2020.

The Data Lab & TORCH in Traveltech’s Directory

The Data Lab is delighted to be listed as one of the technology support business listed in the new offering. With a network of over 1,500 organisations, our team are on hand to offer support across funding, education, solutions, and more. Our TORCH service receives a special feature from the Traveltech team, helping organisation harness their existing data and validating the digital project ideas. Learn more about TORCH in our latest case study.

Traveltech Event

To coincide with the Traveltech for Scotland Digital Directory launch, the team will be hosting a live Discovery Session on Wednesday 9th December at 10am. The event will be hosted by part of the creation team and will explore how to navigate the new directory, showing businesses how to find great tech solutions.

Sign up to the free discovery session here:

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