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Sea Spyder & TORCH : An intuitive platform for the Global Whisky Market

After spotting a gap in the Premium Spirits sector, the Sea Spyder team set out to build a dashboard that companies could make high value decisions with. Their aim is to offer an intuitive platform with actionable insights, allowing users to tap into data that helps them answer important industry questions.

Following multiple entrepreneur programs and gathering advice from various people, the team still didn’t feel confident in their next steps. To resolve this, Sea Spyder approached the TORCH Business Advisory Service to provide a roadmap. They wanted to understand the stages they’d need to go through to reach their end goal, examining recommendations across people, process, data, technology, and funding.

Read the Case Study to find out more about Sea Spyder’s project and how the TORCH service has helped their data journey to progress.

You can also listen to Laura Anderson of Sea Spyder talk about her experiences of hosting an MSc student for an industrial placement as part of their project:

Can TORCH help your business?

TORCH was created in response to the challenges faced by many businesses when starting on their data journey. Businesses struggle to identify the appropriate approach to adopt, the resources required, and the optimal solution components to select. As a result, many data projects failing to complete. Our impartial experts partner with Scottish based companies of all sizes, which have proven expertise in delivering data driven solutions, to enable client businesses to implement their data strategies.

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