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PDG Aviation: Building a bespoke data platform to improve aerial services

PDG Aviation Services are the UK’s leading onshore helicopter operator, with most of their contract work coming from the aerial survey sector.

Their existing bespoke systems were built on ageing technology and, as they looked to build a new data-driven asset integrity management solution, they turned to The Data Lab’s TORCH team for guidance.

“There’s a tendency in the software industry, where you approach people and they suck you in to a particular path of development, and you don’t really know any better. You can’t look at it objectively, because you don’t have the expertise”, explained PDG CEO, Jerry Francis.

The recommendations and solutions delivered by TORCH Principal Solutions Architect, Rhona MacLennan, are outlined in our newest case study, Taking data technology to the skies: PDG Aviation Services.

With a need to commence work swiftly, learn about the proposals that would enable the platform development to get started, whilst longer-term organisation decisions were made.

PDG aerial survey

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