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Partners! Work with us to deliver our Innovation and Development Week: The Data Lab MSc Programme 2021-22

Partners, we need you!

We are commissioning partners to work with us to design, organise and deliver the design thinking and networking element of our Innovation and Development Week, a key part of The Data Lab MSc Programme 2021-22.

The Data Lab MSc programme in all its glory

The Data Lab MSc programme 2021-22 brings together 155 postgraduate students studying a variety of data science, data engineering and AI courses, across 30 courses at 11 Scottish universities. The programme also includes students studying non-STEM MSc programmes with a substantial data focus. Check out the variety of courses involved in the programme.

Innovation Week: bringing together all of our students across all of our sponsored MSc courses at Universities throughout Scotland

The MSc Innovation and Development Week is a milestone event in The Data Lab MSc, providing the students with the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned during their studies in a challenging, fun and collaborative environment. The Innovation and Development Week aims to cement a sense of community, giving the students the opportunity to work in teams using collaborative tools on real organisational challenges. Read about previous The Data Lab MSc Innovation Weeks 

The event will have three parts to it and must take place in the week commencing 30 May 2022:
1. An introductory event (half day) followed by networking social
2. A workshop introduction to Design Thinking in a data context (full day)
3. A Data Challenge, where students will learn how to identify real problems and frame the right questions for a successful data project; learn how to overcome the challenges of using real world data sets and help solve real problems faced by Scottish based organisations (two-day)

Contact us today

We are looking for a partner to deliver part 1 and 2 of the event, which will set the context and prepare students for the data challenge. Approximately 140 students will attend the event. We are planning for an in-person event, with contingency for remote delivery. We have a partner in place for the Data Challenge element.
We would like the introductory event to take place on Monday 30 May and the Design Thinking Workshop on Tuesday 31 May.

Please email for more information and a copy of the tender document.

The closing date for this tender is 12:00 Friday 23 October 2021.

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