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The Data Lab team photo in 3 river rafting boats, wearing helmets, waving paddles

Our new values show why The Data Lab is a great place to work

Blog by Gina Finch, The Data Lab

I’ve worked at The Data Lab for two years now. It was apparent to me from very early on that here was a really nice organisation to work for. I’ve been in a quite a few different companies over the years and the relaxed and friendly nature of The Data Lab was a stark contrast to some of those places.

Exciting work, flexible attitude

People are excited about their jobs, about actually making a difference to Scotland economically and socially, looking to make new connections, and encourage collaborations. The positive attitude to flexible working makes it easy for those with families and out of work commitments, and knowing that your needs will be accommodated really makes you want to give something back.

The atmosphere is very inclusive – I was struck by the very natural coming together to have lunch in a big group. The relaxed chat around the lunch table, hearing what people are up to, others being encouraging and supportive. The boys being excited over their latest batch of beer brewing, cyclists comparing moans and traumas. Just generally being interested in each other’s lives and trying to include shy new people.

Now The Data Lab is getting bigger

We’ve been growing a lot as an organisation since I started – especially now we’ve just embarked into Phase 2 and received a new round of funding. This has led to the recognition that it’s important to define our culture and values officially. To create a framework for introducing new starts to the values we believe in and want to encourage.

Creating 4 key values, their intents and behaviours

I was invited to join the focus group to develop these values, which aimed to represent the diversity of the organisation in terms of working patterns, geography, different teams etc.

The group was working on a framework that had been started previously, but I was astonished at how quickly we whipped our 4 key values and culture into shape. It came very easily. People who work here are proud of The Data Lab, recognise that it is special and welcomed the opportunity to pinpoint why that is.

So, our 4 key values with their associated intents and behaviours were created. And I really do think they go a long way to summing up why The Data Lab is a great place to work.

Integrating our values throughout the organisation

And there was never any doubt in my mind that this would be just a ‘tick box’ exercise. Efforts were immediately made to integrate the values into our working lives. Visually with lanyard cards for everyone, wall stickers for offices so that everyone would be reminded about them day to day. And also taking action to make sure that they integrate through all levels.

Talking about what the values actually mean at a team level, how we can reflect on the work we do in light of the values and change our behaviour going forward to make sure we are working to this new framework. The intention is to filter the values through all HR processes – inductions, appraisals, interview questions, and also through our procurement processes and the companies that we choose to deal with, as well as the code of conduct we expect from our students.

Who wouldn’t want to work for an organisation that respects you, supports your growth and learning, encourages you to be happy, healthy and nice to each other and to work together to bring benefits to yourself, each other and Scotland as a whole?

Find out more about our Culture and Values.

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