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Data science helps to drive energy storage optimisation

Lochaber-based Energy Mutual has created an online asset management software system to support the owner/operators of small to medium scale renewable energy projects such as hydro, solar PV, wind and biomass. In addition to helping monitor and maintain asset performance, in 2021 Energy Mutual began work on a framework that will help a range of asset operators to optimise energy storage.

Gaining some state of the art data science knowledge

Energy Mutual took on MSc Data Science student Farheen Tamkanath for a short data science project that started to investigate how an energy optimisation framework might work and what it might look like.

The results were very positive – having that extra team member even for a short period of time made a big difference and the work Farheen carried out left Energy Mutual in a position to progress onwards with the goal of delivering a commercial solution.

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