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Case Study: STMicroelectronics recognises the importance of a data science mindset

We look at the positive impact that taking part in the MSc Data Science Placement Programme has had on STMicroelectronics – could our students bring the same benefits to your business? Read the case study now.

As an engineering firm, STMicroelectronics traditionally hired people with software and computer science backgrounds, with an emphasis on electronics, focusing on engineering students and recent graduates.

The organisation had a large amount of data at its fingertips but wasn’t using it to its full potential – in part because its engineers didn’t have enough understanding of data science.

STMicroelectronics turned to The Data Lab to help it undergo a “digital transformation process,” working with MSc students with the right skillset to make use of the wealth of data that the company has.

Thanks in part to The Data Lab MSc students, STMicroelectronics has recognised that engineering and computer science students tend to look at problems as they relate to a particular field or characteristic, while a data science student is more likely to approach the same situation from a broader angle. The two mindsets complement each other and are vital to helping engineering firms extract value and insight from data.

Find out more about how our MSc Data Science Placement Programme helped STMicroelectronics benefit from the new ideas and perspectives that our talented data students bring. Read the case study now.

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