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TORCH architecture diagrams

A Day In The Life… Shining the light on TORCH

Rhona MacLennan is our Principal Solutions Architect, working in the TORCH team. Here she writes about her work and daily life as part of The Data Lab Innovation Centre.

Working as part of the TORCH team within The Data Lab offered me the unique chance to build and deliver a new business advisory service focused on helping companies from across Scotland successfully start their data journeys. The TORCH service supports the wider aim of The Data Lab to help Scotland maximise value from data and lead the world to a data powered future by working alongside companies as they lay the foundations for future data success.

I’m surrounded by people with widely varying professional and personal backgrounds and experiences

Being in The Data Lab means I get the chance to learn from people with widely varying professional and personal backgrounds and experiences. As a small organisation involved in so many different activities, from Data Fest through to supporting STEM students as they consider their careers, means that everyone mucks in when new opportunities arise. Which they do on almost a weekly basis!

Being encouraged and supported to try new approaches alongside measuring and learning from both successes and failures is part of being in an Innovation Centre and I find is an empowering way of working. Within the TORCH service we are trying both to deliver quality results for our clients and to demonstrate the need for and value of the work we are doing. Getting the chance to work on whatever business challenges our clients bring to us is interesting and challenging but being pragmatic at times definitely helps.

The breadth and depth of what we try to cover can be both daunting and exciting

Days are spent in a mix of (online) meetings and workshops with clients, partners, suppliers, and colleagues. Away from meetings the bulk of my time is spent writing reports and creating supporting views, architectures, and models to communicate our recommendations to clients. To ensure the best possible advice is given to our clients, I also try to set aside time to research and keep up-to-date with the latest best practices, methodologies, and technologies across the data domain. The breadth and depth of what we try to cover can be both daunting and exciting. However, being part of the wonderfully open and helpful Scottish data community means that if we need help with anything specific we can nearly always find someone willing to share their knowledge and experience with us.

As a new service the whole TORCH team is involved in organising and participating in events relating to TORCH, trying to get the message out to both future clients and potential members of our supplier network.  What we do hasn’t changed too much under lockdown but how we do it has. So all our events are online currently but that may change again in the future.

If you are interested in joining the TORCH team you’re in luck, we are currently recruiting a Senior Solutions Architect, but be quick as applications close on Fri 4th Sept 2020.



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